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You as a citizen of Ontario are the principal investor in Premier Dalton McGuinty and his government and all M.P.P.s and Ontario people's public employees. At this point in time it is apparent that unless We, the People, start directly exercising our right of ownership and control over these legal entities we will not get good government in strict accordance with the Canadian rule of law.

Please see this current E-Directive to all MPPs designed to hold to accounting personally and professionally, Premier Dalton McGuinty.

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By Michael LeMieux
November 19, 2010

By now most all of us have heard of the "Don't touch my junk" guy, John Tyner, and his ordeal with the TSA, that has gone viral.[1]

The good thing about all this is that it has caused an uproar in what our government is doing to its own people. Is it right? Is it lawful? And most importantly, is it Constitutional?

Since shortly after 9/11 we have seen a slow but steady creep of encroachments on our freedom – especially our freedom of travel and movement. The government has told us that these encroachments are for our own safety and essentially to shut up and color within the lines (meaning do what your told).

The strange thing is that each time a foreign terrorist commits an attempt at harming us the government 'reacts' to that threat by locking down its own citizens even more. The shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was a British citizen who join Al Qaida and boarded a plan in France bound for the US. Now everyone inside America boarding a plane, even if traveling from one US city to another US city, must remove their shoes.

This does not affect most other foreign ports of departure and will have absolutely NO effect on someone coming from another country where there are still very lax in their boarding procedures. The ONLY people who are affected are Americans who had nothing to do with the shoe bomber incident.

Then there was the "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,[2] who tried to ignite his explosive filled drawers while onboard a Northwest Airline flight to Detroit, which originated in Amsterdam.

Again a foreign national (from Nigeria) tries to blow up a plane and the people penalized are the same people he tried to kill, Americans. Now we are asked to participate in a virtual strip search by X-ray scanners that show intimate details of our naked bodies. If we refuse to do that then we are subject to a full body pat down that includes groping of the genitals of both male and females as well as the breast of female passengers.

This very same act, if performed 25 feet away, would be considered sexual assault.

Again, an airplane from a foreign airport brining a passenger to the US, which does not have the same level of security we have INSIDE our own country is the weak link in this chain. Yet, passengers travelling from one US destination to another US destination are being treated as if they are the enemy and must be scrutinized, whereas the real terrorists just boards a foreign port airplane, bound for the US. Who has the most freedom?

And don't think you can just refuse to be searched and leave the area. According to the TSA if you enter the secure area you are now under their custody and if you leave without their permission you can be fined up to $11,000.[3] So maybe we have been lulled into becoming volunteer inmates of the federal government to view or grope as they please.

Having worked with law enforcement, both in the military and civilian sectors, it is common that when booking a suspect into jail a full strip search is conducted to ensure no weapons or contraband is brought into the jail. The reasoning is to ensure a safe environment for the staff and other inmates.

The exact same logic is being applied to you and I when we show up to board an airplane. We now must either be virtually strip searched, or we must subject ourselves to the humiliation of a stranger groping our genitalia and treating us like common criminals – just with a softer voice.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons… against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated… but upon probable cause support by Oath or affirmation…" In essence telling the federal government that they cannot, constitutionally/legally, search you or your possessions unless they have probable cause to believe that you have, or are about to do something illegal.

Benjamin Franklin, on more than one occasion, stated: [4] "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Far too often today we hear the cries of government that their oppression of our rights is merely to protect us. They tell us that is their job is to ensure the security of this country. Yet they allow completely porous borders, with only political rhetoric to close it, they treat American citizens as though we are the ones committing the terrorist acts. They obviously do not trust their own citizens as the foreign airports are the origin of the problem but the object of the governments crack down is its own citizens.

Despite the ever increasing encroachment of our rights, are we safer? According to a CNN report [5] -- not really! Depending on the airport the bad guys have anywhere from a 20% to 75% success rate of pulling off a terrorist attack on our airplanes. That percentage is drastically increased if the flight originates at a foreign airport. But again it is the American passenger that is forced to endure these degrading and unconstitutional procedures.

I can remember growing up and my father telling me "actions speak louder than words," I'm sure we have all heard this. We are told that this is to make our travel safe, yet it has been proven to be unreliable. We are told that we must comply with the governments demand to endure demeaning treatment because we are in a war.

But I have to wonder – if the enemy is outside the United States why are all the restrictive procedures placed on American citizens? If the war is against the terrorists who would come to America to kill us because they hate our freedom,[6] why do we have to give up our freedom?

Now is the time for all Americans to stand up and say we will not take this any more. Federal employees, who have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, must stand up and refuse to violate the rights of their fellow Americans. It is time we all decide that freedom is worth fighting for and let's stop this now while we still have some freedoms left.


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© 2010 Michael LeMieux - All Rights Reserved

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